About Web Marketing Wits

Web Marketing Wits is one of the fastest growing internet marketing agencies. Having launched earlier this year, 2017, our main aim is to offer small, medium and large businesses from all over the world, online marketing solutions that guarantee results. We have gathered a team of talented and creative individuals who will provide your business with a more sophisticated data driven approach to online marketing and advertising.

Our Team

Team Web Marketing Wits (WMW) is made up of self-disciplined, creative, data–driven and self-motivated experts with a passion of inspiring each other and most importantly, our clients. Every decision that we make is driven by WMW values.

At WMW, we demand creativity, teamwork, attention to detail, resourcefulness and innovation and we do not tolerate those who put their needs first. We believe in a team that works closely together in pursuit of excellence.

We support one another to help our clients reach their goals. We also work with companies that share the same values as we do.

Our Mission

We create opportunities for our clients with digital marketing strategies that give proven results to help them succeed online. We use the customer first approach and we educate our clients on the best SEO and digital marketing practices.

Our Vision

We are committed to become the leading provider of the best online marketing solutions for global brands. We are also committed to continue developing integrated and results driven strategies that are made to meet the needs of every client. We will meet our obligations by having:

  1. A team that inspires one another to go beyond the obvious
  2. A collaborative environment to develop measurable solutions for every client

Why Choose Web Marketing Wits

We know what it takes to be successful in this business and we will use what we have learnt to bring your business to the forefront of the industry that you're in. While other online marketing and advertising companies speak of their achievements, at WMW, we look forward to showing you results.

We provide full transparency of our daily work and you can watch what we do in your accounts and track analytics in real-time. To learn more about our strategies and how we can offer you a substantial ROI, contact Web Marketing Wits today.