5 Faults Why Your Online Marketing Campaign is Failing

Internet marketing has been around for 20 years, and over this period, many assessments have been conducted on failed marketing campaigns. The following are the 5 reasons why your internet marketing campaign is failing.

Having Zero Defined Goals

Launching a social media campaign to imitate your competitors is not a well-informed move. This is a vague interest of getting more leads and increasing web traffic. A clearly defined goal should be measurable, meaningful, specific, and time sensitive. For example, “we want to raise the number of SEO generated leads by 30% over the next 20 months.”

Spending Too Much Time on the Wrong Metrics

A measurable goal doesn’t always mean it’s meaningful.  This is an area that should be approached with caution because a company might be geared towards improving the wrong data. Most common mistakes are:

Ranking: this used to mean a lot in SEO a few years back but not anymore since every user searching on Google sees different results. Also, you might rank well for a keyword that nobody searches for meaning that you’re wasting your time.

Traffic: more traffic to your site is not a sure way of generating more leads and revenue. You must attract the right traffic and your site has to do an incredible job of impressing your audience and motivate them to contact you. if your website is not allowing you to sell your wares, high traffic volume will not add any value, actually, it will turn off potential customers.

No-Orderly Campaign Testing

The first day is always the toughest day of any internet marketing campaign. To become more resourceful and dynamic, you have to test the various campaign elements such as images, content, keywords, and offers. The testing process must be systematic and well-executed. Never use poor testing methods or place the campaign on autopilot because the results will be disastrous.

Under Budgeting

Do not fall for the alluring temptation of getting something for nothing. A proper online marketing campaign is complex and should be budgeted for.

Failure to Test New Types of Campaigns

The most successful companies are always open to new ideas and this is the spirit that should drive your online marketing efforts. If an organization only emphasizes on SEO and email marketing, it may never appreciate social media or PPC as a more operative and cost-efficient means of increasing traffic and revenue. Any new marketing strategy should be budgeted, fully-resourced and have the results properly evaluated.

If your company has avoided these mistakes, then you are on the right track. If you are guilty on some or all the counts, then this should be your reference for making major improvements.