There’s No Internet Marketing without Social Media

Social media has transformed internet marketing tremendously – it’s now becoming a cliché speaking of its influence and power. Surprisingly, many business owners have no idea of how of how to create or support a solid social media presence.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook stirred the online marketing industry creating a lot of confusion. Those who acted first to merge the social media platforms with their marketing campaign were the first to receive its terrific value. Social media is important for online marketing in so many ways but most importantly is its ability to create and grow brand trust, build a web presence, drive traffic and stay cost effective.

It is a fact that trust is an important part of decision-making when purchasing and this has been the case even before the rise of social media. The good thing about social media is it helps small and large companies to keep up a customer-brand relationship. Social media allows companies not only to communicate easily with their target audience but with each customer in different parts of the world and in real-time.

If social media is done right, companies can shape the public’s perception of their brand by kick starting discussions that solidify the brand’s authority online. Every time that a company shares relevant content on various social media platforms is an important chance to strengthen the foundation of the brand.

Search engines are beginning to take content from social media seriously. For instance, the 2015 Google algorithm update incorporated social media content in search results. This is a clear sign that social media presence – or lack thereof directly affects a company’s relevance online. Therefore, it is more crucial than ever for companies to support their social media accounts on a regular basis.

The more content that a company generates through social media, the more authority its brand will receive.