Top 15 Digital Marketing Changes of 2018

digital marketing 2018

New digital trends are coming up and if your company fails to pay attention to the digital marketing 2018 changes, you will be forced to play catchup. Every new year comes with plenty of changes and the digital marketing industry is no exception.

Every company needs to reach out to more customers and digital marketing offers plenty of adjustments in new technologies as users ask for a more integrated experience. The following are 15 digital marketing trends that will leave a mark in 2018:

The fall of The Influencer Market

Influencers raked in millions of dollars from brand companies in 2017 but this trend might come to an abrupt end because of unexpected results or failure to measure the results.

Brands are aware that they can get the same or better results from other marketing channels. These brands will either go for select people who will bring in positive results or move for organic promotions. In 2018, companies will move away from high-cost or middle-tier influencers who drive awareness but with little ROI.

Live Video Features

Some social media platforms launched live video in 2017 and this trend will continue in 2018 but the live video will have newly added features.

This will make live video a great way to reach out and connect with your customers or audience. More importantly, users will not have to hold the phone in their hands.

A Better Understanding of the Customer Journey

Data-driven marketing is a useful tool, but how the data is used in the customer journey will be the determining factor in digital marketing success for 2018.

If you’re keen to use this data, you will need to study the results to know where your customers are every step of the purchasing path, know what they want, and scheme your marketing to connect with them along the journey.

Integrating Augmented Reality (AR) Through Social Media

Mobile devices are becoming powerful by the day and social apps better integrating with AR, this trend means that brands will use AR for more engagement with customers. For example, with your mobile phone location feature turned on, brands will use it to launch sponsored AR content accessible only at that spot and at that time. This idea was popularized by Pokémon Go and soon, Facebook and Instagram will use it in its platforms.

Voice (Conversational) User Interfaces

Conversation interactions such as Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant and others will still play an important role in the daily lives of consumers. A conversation will be more natural and this will make it easy for companies to interact, transact or entertain their customers.

Targeted Ads with a Specific Purpose

People are bombarded with so many ads on a daily basis with minimal attention being given to them. In 2018, ads will have a definitive goal in mind, to convert. Also, expect mobile ads to gain popularity at an improved rate.

Video Marketing

If you do video marketing right in 2018, you will see impressive results on your brand. With a decrease in attention, marketers are relying more on video content to improve their search engine rankings, increase web traffic rates and improve engagement.

The Primary Metric will be Cost per Experiment

True ROI will be determined by rolling up old metrics such as CPC (clicks), CPL (leads), CPP (pixels) and CPM (impressions) into a cost per experiment. In 2018, experiments must be done and outcomes measured to get the real ROI.

Predictive Algorithms

Programmers are making machine-learning algorithms, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing. This will help businesses to predict their marketing spend to improve the overall budget.

Native Advertising

To improve engagement and brand relevance, companies will have to use native advertising into their digital marketing strategies.

This type of engagement makes use of native languages and proprietary tools to create an involved relationship with your target audience and increase the chances to expand viral sharing.

Digital Integrated into Offline Experiences

In 2018, digital will no longer be a separate discipline and will integrate into a real-life experience. This is already being done in sports where online experiences start before the event but continue during the event.

Voice Marketing

According to Google, 20% of mobile searches are done through voice. This number will rise as users get used to asking voice user interfaces such as Siri and Alexa what to buy. A smart digital marketing 2018 marketer must create content that captures these searches and even run advertising campaigns in non-traditional places such as sponsoring smart-fridge recommendations.

Contextual Targeting Strategies

Contextual targeting strategies will come in to replace audience targeting strategies such as tracking user behaviors with cookies. In 2018, advertisers will be required to understand each page context for targeting and brand safety purposes.

Different Type of Content

In 2018, content marketing will no longer be about writing blog posts and articles. Users will demand interactive tutorials that they can listen to as they complete other tasks. The content for 2018 must be interactive and should work with other UI features.

Personalization in the Sales Funnel

Personalization in every stage of the sales funnel, including every interaction, will greatly improve businesses in 2018. This includes personalized landing pages that connect to your advertising campaigns. Attention will, therefore, be key to connect with prospects for digital marketing 2018.

Implement these marketing strategies to propel your brand into the right direction.