Understanding the Relationship between SEO and Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an effective digital communication method even after the rise of other marketing channels such as online ads, social media marketing and others. Whether is email marketing Or SEO, the goal is the same, convert traffic into sales. If these two are the best for ROI, can use them to attract your preferred audience? The following are tips that can help:

Email Marketing

You can email marketing to attract and understand your audience better. When your clients receive your emails, get as much information as you can about them to create targeted content that they’ll find useful. This will raise your credibility.


These are techniques that will make you rank higher in search engine results pages. One factor that determines search engine rankings is a search engines capability to crawl a website. This process is continuous and allows the site to be indexed into a mass database.

Email Marketing Optimization Tips

  • Choose a Reputable Email Service Provider
  • Follow the CAN-SPAM Law to avoid blacklisting and lower rankings
  • Develop text-only version emails
  • Nurture your leads by using a non-promotional tone to draw your leads to your brand
  • Develop landing pages for products, services, content or promotions in your email
  • Personalize every email by including the first name of the recipient and remember to keep the content below 400 words.
  • Observe proper segmentation to target interests, demographics and likings
  • Add links to your social media profiles to engage visitors.

Integrating SEO and Email Marketing

The following are ways to create email templates for better open rates, deliverability, click-through rates and tracking:

Employ SEO Best Practices

When designing HTML email templates optimize the following:

  • Headlines should be wrapped in H1 and H2 tags
  • Subject lines
  • Titles
  • Use your targeted keywords
  • Link back to your page

Images should not exceed 600 pixels wide

Add alt tags to images with your keywords for users to know what the email is about.

Add Canonical Tags

These tags apply when archiving newsletters or email blogs. Add the tags too if you have an archive of emails – this lets the search engines know that’s your preferred URL and content flows back to that URL. Search engines will index the pages referenced in the canonical tag

Create E-newsletter Archives

This is a list if your published newsletters and should include keywords and keyphrases. Don’t forget to optimize the titles when naming each newsletter.

Mobile Marketing

Your emails should be mobile friendly and your sites should have a responsive design since over half of email opens are through mobile phones.

Subject Lines

Think of your subject line as a preview of what’s in your email and should contain keywords.

Video Emails

Embedding short videos (less than 2 minutes) into your email template as a call to action will keep the conversation going and drive traffic to your site.

Track Email Campaigns in Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to understand how your email marketing campaign is affecting your SEO practices.

Future of SEO AND Email Marketing

Email marketing will be straightforward if you stay in line with the CAN-SPAM requirements and keep your emails straight to the point. Or emails will have automated inboxes from ISPs for storing receipts, friends, groups and many more. Emails may also have no limits to video, images, content design.

With Google’s updates, advertisers may be able to introduce email capture through the ad-in subscriptions for paid searches allowing companies to capture emails without users having to visit the site. Google may also develop email capture for organic search results not just paid.

By following these tips, you will maximize your email marketing efforts.