Which is Better, SEO or Social Media Marketing?

I know most of you want to know which one is better, SEO or Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Getting noticed on the internet is not easy, especially with the ever-changing methods for exposure. Therefore, you want a strategy that will provide results in the long run.


Which one is the best for long-term success?

Can you combine SMM and SEO to get more relevant traffic?

Good web marketing makes it possible for online searchers to find you. Your presence is determined if searchers already know about you and are looking for you, if you show up in search results or if you’re mentioned by another website or person. This then begs the question, which strategy is the right fit for you, SEO or SMM?

SEO uses a set of techniques and methods to get more web traffic. Search Engine Optimization works on search engines and improves your chances of being found. SEO’s main goal is to get your site to the first page of an organic search result. SEO focuses on building links and all the traffic you get is organic.

Alternatively, Social Media Marketing focuses on creating content that not only attracts the attention of your readers but also encourages them to mention or share it on their preferred social media platforms. With SMM, you make use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and many others.

With the ongoing battle between the two, let’s take a look at some insights that will clarify this situation.

SEO and SMM are Intertwined

The fact is, there is no separating SMM and SEO and your business should take advantage of the two. However, the following should be noted:

Social Media Marketing blogs perform better in organic search than those ones emphasizing on SEO.

Why so?

Because SMM has high levels of engagement and this provides the blogs with more referral traffic and backlinks. These two help the site to rank higher in search engines organically.

SEO is best for looking up products and services, SMM for peer recommendations.

People look up businesses on the search engines. If you want to get discovered, you must rank well for your targeted keywords. This is what good SEO practices provide.

Then again, peer recommendations can happen when your page is mentioned, tagged or liked in one of the social media platforms. The people they are connected with will see these activities and your business will be discovered by others.

Use Social Media Marketing with Search Engine Optimization to reach your objectives.

SMM and SEO are Opposites

If you don’t agree, how about this:

Social Media appeals to people while SEO appeals to robots.

The measurement, the speed and the content that gets success are all different.

On speed, Social Media happens in real-time because the posts appear instantly. SEO, on the other hand, takes a long time to build enough credibility, possibly years.

On the visitors’ intent, SMM visitors are less likely to buy your product or subscribe to your service because chances are they stumbled on you when browsing a social network. However, you are more likely to get shares from such users and this spreads awareness of your brand.

Is this crucial?

Yes, because social media followers influence potential buyers.

The visitors from search are more ready to buy, but less likely to interact and share. This type of visitor lands to your site with one specific need, aim or question.

On effort, Social Media is short-lived and requires continuous effort because more traffic and visibility happens in minutes. Traffic from search is more durable and high rankings can go on for months or weeks.

Finally, as to analytics and measurement, the total visibility and traffic from SMM are not easy to establish. There are many Social Media platforms and each one has its own report. Search engine traffic is centralized, easy to analyze and includes reports on clicks, key phrases, and impressions, however, it’s difficult to measure engagement.

Yet, SMM and SEO both have a correlation in that high ranking content brings search traffic that leads to comments, shares and follows.

This is definitely not the end of the comparison between SEO and SMM, the debate will continue. No matter which one you prefer, use both but do so smartly.