Web Design
Choose Webmarketingwits for your business’s next web design project.  We work with our clients to develop an appealing, exciting and usable website. We offer the following:

HTML Websites
Our websites blend flawlessly with the web to convey the right information to the viewer. We pay close attention to every detail to design websites that look modern, professional and functional.

CMS Websites
We use different Content Management Systems such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla to create blogs and websites that are easy to modify without requiring high website development skills.

E-commerce Websites
We create shopping websites that are of the highest quality to help you compete on the global stage.

Responsive and Mobile Websites
We create websites that function on different devices running different operating systems and platforms.

Multilingual Websites
With our multilingual websites, you will be able to appeal to a foreign market. Choose our services if you want to expand internationally and we will develop a website that explains the products and services clearly. 

Domain Name and Hosting
Hosting can be problematic especially if it’s not done correctly. This is an issue that you don’t have to deal with if you choose Webmarketingwits professionals. We will give you the best hosting services meaning that you’ll stay online at all times.

Website Maintenance
Webmarketingwits provides high quality and regular website maintenance services. This service is fast and done in a professional way. By choosing to work with us, your website will be bug-free and respond quickly always.

Mobile Apps Development
With many people accessing the web via mobile devices, businesses have been forced to add mobile apps on top of traditional websites. Our mobile apps development service creates unique applications for your business to offer continuous and complete access to the mobile using audience. 


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